September 24, 2015

Turning your dusty garage into an amazing playroom


Sure, a garage is a place meant to park your vehicles, but why not change that and create a space of your own. One employee working at Garaga chose to create a special place for her kids, and this place is in no other than her garage. She was lucky enough to have two garages and therefore decided to designate one as a place to park their cars and another as their children’s playroom.

We’ve asked her a few questions to find out how she managed to do such a great job at the transformation. Hopefully you can get some ideas out of it!

Q: Why is your garage a good place to have a playroom?

PlayroomA: She lives right by a boulevard and a busy school street. She has a backyard with a few trees, but whenever her son played sports such as soccer or baseball, he would always lose his ball or would be refrained from playing because of the snow or cold temperatures during winter. She wanted to create a space where her son could play inside, all year round, and most importantly, without damaging anything in the house. The garage is a room with plenty of space and a room that can stay warm all through winter with the help of a quality garage door.

Q: Will my garage be warm enough all through the cold winters?

A: Yes, it does. She told us that she has never had any issues with temperatures. Her garage door is a Cambridge from Garaga with a thermal resistance of R-16, which is very good. Her garage has a high insulation level and stays warm all through winter.

If, for some reason, the air in her garage/playroom starts to get a little colder, she has a heating system she can activate manually that will do the trick.

Q: Is it dangerous that my children have access to my garage door opener?

A: It can be. This is why it’s important that you make sure your garage door opener button is completely out of reach. If you really want to be sure that your children will never accidentally or intentionally open your garage door and risk hurting themselves, turn off the motor of your opener. This way even if your kids find the garage door opener button, nothing will happen. Better be safe than sorry, right?

Behr Paint

Q: If I want to paint my concrete walls, which type of paint should I use?

A: She used Behr premium Concrete & Garage Floor Paint for her walls. This type of paint is also available in a few variable colors and in many different brands. Check at your local hardware or painting store and see your options.

Q: I love those wall stickers! At which store can I get my hands on them?


A: Storage Space: You can find small storage furniture like this in many places such as Walmart and Target but the go-to place for these is most definitely, Ikea. They have endless options of combinations and colors!
These are also easy to put together and are at the perfect height for your children.

Puzzle Floor mats: These floor mats are extremely fun and convenient. They prevent your children from hitting their head too hard on the concrete if they were to trip and fall. They can hide your old greyish floor and give the room a nice, new look and they are extremely easy to clean! She found hers at Walmart, but you can try Toys R Us, Home Depot, Canadian Tire, or online on Amazon.

Wall Stickers: You can find these fun wall stickers at DeSerres, Micheals, Walmart, Target, and many more places. These come in endless shapes, colors, and themes. They are easy to put up and are even reusable! Have fun with them and create a fun and creative wall for your kids!

Alphabet wall sticker
Underwater wall sticker

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