August 20, 2015

Turn your garage into a party room in just minutes!

Are you in charge of hosting a party but are running out of space in your home? From work get-togethers, to your children’s birthday party, to Superbowl parties to baby showers, your garage is the solution to your worries! Of course, we understand your doubts. When most people think of a garage, they usually think of a dusty room used to store boxes and stinky sports equipment. Our job is to show you the possibilities and prove to you that you can, most definitely, host a great party in your garage!

Your garage is ideal because, once you take out your parked vehicles, you can see that your garage is very wide and spacious. You can set up tables and create a dance floor or set up chairs is a circle for group meetings, book clubs, and such. You can also adjust the temperature by opening of closing your garage door. Letting the door open can invite light and fresh air, but if the weather is bad and frigid, you’ll want to keep your door shut to keep the warmth inside. When throwing a party in your garage, you won’t have to worry about spilled drinks or stains on your favorite furniture or carpet. All you’ll need to do when it’ll be time to clean out will be to sweep everything outside and put away chairs and tables.

Here are a few tips and steps to take to throw a great party in your garage!

Store away all items that are taking up too much space, such as tools, land mowers, sport equipment and vehicles.

Take out the broom and be ready to sweep! Once everything is dusted off and the ground seems clear, mope the floors for an even cleaner looking appearance. You can also paint your floors if you have time, it will give your garage a facelift.

Painted Stair

Place and organize tables and folding chairs. These should be organized in such way that your guest can move around freely and, most importantly, access the door. If you’re having a dance party, leave some space for the dancefloor!

Colored Chair
Reception Tables

Now on to the best part of every party, the food bar! Set up a long table alongside the walls of your garage and designate this area to sweets, beverages, and snacks. You can be very creative with your food bar!

Mimosa Bar

Put a speaker in the room and connect your music player. Make sure you put together a great playlist with music all your guests will love! Add a disco ball if you want go all out!

iPhone Speaker

Time for decorations! You can drape string lights along the walls and ceiling, blow up balloons, hang posters on the walls, make centerpieces for your table (flower vases, fun crafts) and bring in lamps from other parts of the house if more light is needed.

Decoration Balloons

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