Garage Door Opener Problems and Solutions

Man fixing a garage door openerYour garage is a very useful room in your home, it stores your recreational items and seasonal items safely, without damaging them during the cold seasons. Therefore, it’s important to look after your garage door and garage door opener’s operating systems. Even with the best garage door opener brands, you’re bound to run into minor issues with its operating system. Some problems can seem futile, but some can result in damage or risk of injury. For example, you garage door could not close fully, creating access to wild animals and intruders from the outside, or your opener could also be defective and continuously run without purpose. In this blog post, see the few problems you may run into and what to do to fix them.

The garage door won’t close properly or fully

Broken Garage Door Who has had this problem before? Most people have and they all know how frustrating it can be. When you’re in a hurry to get to work and you realize your garage door is not closed fully, properly, or does not close at all, the last thing you have time for is deal with the issue. Having a garage door that won’t shut fully is unsafe. Intruders, animal and cold air could infiltrate inside your garage. Fix this problem as soon as possible! Don’t wait.

First, look around the sensor, making sure nothing is in the path of the garage door, then check for flashing lights on the door opener. Sometimes, when the door won’t shut properly, the lights on the garage door motor will flash. These lights have different patterns, and these can indicate various possible issues. Check the garage door opener’s manual to see what the light flashing pattern means for your particular type of opener.

The garage door opener remote does not respond

Garage Door Remote Are you constantly trying to open your garage door with your opener’s remote, but no success? Many think they may just be out of range and move around hoping they’ll find the solution when this happens to them. Most of the time, this issue occurs because of a power source problem.

First, it’s important to double-check to see if the motor is plugged in. If it is, check the circuit breaker or the fuse running to the garage door opener. These are common sources of power failure. If your garage door opener remote runs on battery, replacing them may be a good idea. If none of these solutions seem to be successful, try reprogramming your remote, the signal may have been lost. And, if that doesn’t work, consider investing in a new opener remote.

Failure of movement sensor

Movement sensor The movement sensor is a safety feature that prevents damage or injury to a person, pet, or vehicle in the path of the door. It consists of two sensors, one on either side of the garage door. If there is obstruction between these, the movement sensor will prevent the door from closing.

The number one cause to a movement sensor failure is obstruction. A few things, that we wouldn’t expect can stop the proper functioning of the eye sensor. For example, a spider web is enough to confuse it and not see other objects. Make sure nothing is in the way, and if then the problem persists, contact a repairman or think of investing in a new one.

The garage door opener motor won’t stop running

Liftmaster Door OpenerThis issue can happen to anyone and is not uncommon. Stop the irritating noises now with our professional help.

In these cases, your limit switch may have shifted in position and therefore needs to be adjusted. Just move the switch away from the motor to solve this problem. Note that for security reasons, only trained technicians should make force adjustments on your garage door opener. If problem persists, you may want to contact us for a professional repair.

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