September 3, 2015

Garage Door: Make a Wise Choice

Whether you’re building a house from scratch or proceeding with renovations, it’s statistically proven that we usually only buy one garage door throughout our live, let’s say a maximum of three. This is why consumers look immediately for reliability, durability, style and proper insulation when buying a garage door. When it comes time to make the purchase, what are the components of the door that consumers should evaluate and analyze to make an informed choice?

1. Airtightness and Thermal Insulation Factor

An insulated door will keep your garage and its adjacent rooms of the house warmer in winter and cooler in summer. This energy saving will result in a more comfortable temperature, especially if you heat regularly or and use your garage as a workshop or as a recreational area.

2. Type of Insulation

There are two types of foam core used for garage doors: polyurethane and polystyrene (Styrofoam). Know that the higher the R-factor on a garage door, the better the insulation. Polyurethane is the best performing insulation. It’s twice as efficient as styrene. Also note that most entry steel doors manufacturers use the same type of insulation.

3. Method of Insulation Used

Polyurethane foam is injected under high pressure between the two walls of the door. In the case of polystyrene, it’s simply placed between the metal sheets. The injection of the polyurethane foam solidifies assembly and then sticks to the metal walls to provide a solid grip for a long time. This “composite” assembles significantly reduces air infiltration risks and sheet metal split.

4. Metal thickness

The thickness of a steel sheet is measured in terms of “gauge”. The higher the number, the less thick the steel. The thicker it is, the more resistant to impacts the door will be. Thicker steel combined with a polyurethane foam that sticks to the walls will provide a solid and more resistant garage door for many years.

5. Hardware

Hardware (rails & spring system) and metal parts (rollers, hinges, etc.) of a garage door are somehow the “skeleton” of the door. They’re in charge of its proper functioning. It’s essential that the hardware system of the door is solid-made and durable because it supports all the total weight of the door and is the anchor point between the sections and the hinges of the door. A calibrated ironwork and chosen according to its application, allow the garage door mechanism to be strong for several seasons.

6. Thermal Breaks

Thermal breaks play a very important role in the airtight of the garage door. It’s useless to have an isolated door if the door comes with steel caps at the edge of sections which transfers the cold to the inside of the garage. Without effective thermal break between the joints at the bottom of the door and into the ends, heat and cold will run continuously from the outside to the inside of your garage, while reducing the quality of insulation in your garage door.

7. Rollers

Wheels allow your garage door to open and close every day. They’re the ones who support the weight of your door. Therefore, we must ensure that they are robust. There are three types of wheels: nylon (Black) without ball bearing, steel with ball bearings and nylon (White) ball bearing. The latest are the best because of the quiet ride they offer, especially if you have a bedroom above the garage. They are especially recommended for double garage doors. Note also that for wheels with ball bearings, it’s always best to ask those with the most marbles. The best have ten.

8. Exterior Weather-stripping System

We often overlook the weather-stripping on the exterior frame of our garage door. A good weather-stripping has a weather-strip with double contact blade. It allows the door to guard effectively the wind, rain and snow that can seep inside the garage. We need the weather-stripping to remain flexible even at temperatures of 140F.

8. Electric Garage Door Opener

Quickly, without going into detail, it should be stressed that there are two types of openers: chain or belt drive. The second is more appropriate if you have a room above the garage. Also note that the motor power does not matter. The opener will only lift the door in the same way you would do it manually. This requires the garage door to always be well balanced and weighing 8 to 10 lb.

Making the right decision isn’t always easy, especially when it comes time to buy a garage door. This is why Garaga fabricates its garage doors with the best quality material possible, increasing the security level, the solidity, and insulation level on each door. Knowing you’ll only purchase a garage door once or twice in your lifetime, wouldn’t you want an enjoyable process out of which you’ll leave knowing you picked the right garage door? Of course you do! Take time to think about your decision, making sure you consider all aspects mentioned earlier and you’ll be on the right track.

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