August 20, 2015

Clever and Practical Garage Ceiling Storage Ideas to Declutter your Garage

Are you running out of space in your garage for your household items? One thing you can do and might not have considered yet is to take advantage of the empty ceiling space above your parked vehicles. You have multiple choices to choose from when it comes to adding an overhead garage storage system of your own and lots to take into consideration. You need to pick a system that will answer your specific needs and will be the most practical for your family.

This new storage space will allow you to store your seasonal and recreational items you only use once or twice a year, and all your bulky items. There will be no more unnecessary clutter!

If you choose to go this route, you can build your own simple storage system or buy a product made specifically for the purpose of storing items in the overhead space in garages. You can choose to build your own simple storage system or buy a product online made specifically for this overhead garage storage.

You can find Individual ceiling-mounted units in many diversified styles, sizes and weight capacities. You can find most systems online, and most of them have an adjustable height, as the distance between the ceiling and an open garage door varies from one garage to another

Wooden shelf

Idea 1: Put up a wooden overhead storage system

This small wooden rack can be very practical to put away boxes. It’s easy to make and doesn’t take up a lot of space.


Idea 2: Put up Strong and Sturdy Box Rack

This strong and sturdy rack comes in many size and weight load capacity. Perfect when you need to store LOTS of items.

Find more models here!

Bike rack

Idea 3: Bring your Bikes ups with These Racks

If you have children who love biking than you know that they also take great pleasure in not putting them back where they should be. These racks will save your life and give your garage a clean and organized look. They’re easy to use and not dangerous for your kids.

Overhead storage

Idea 4: easy-to-make overhead sliding storage

Instead of racks, use these pieces of wood to slide big boxes right in!

Kayak storage

Idea 5: Store your recreational items for the cold season

Is your canoe or kayak in the way during the cold season? Bring it up and save some space!

ladder holder

Idea 6: Ladder Holder

With this brilliant idea, put up your ladder for an effective space-safer. it’s also surprisingly easy to take down your ladder from this clever holder!

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