Technology Trends & Contemporary Style

Say goodbye to the boring classics and hello to the stylish modern trends! With today’s technology evolving and increasingly becoming the focus of our lives, people need a change in scenery. When changing their homes, more and more people are deciding to go for an urban look. Now more than ever, more personality and thought is being put into the look of one’s home.
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Garage Door Opener Problems and Solutions

1Your garage is a very useful room in your home, it stores your recreational items and seasonal items safely, without damaging them during the cold seasons. Therefore, it’s important to look after your garage door and garage door opener’s operating systems. Even with the best garage door opener brands, you’re bound to run into minor issues with its operating system. Some problems can seem futile, but some can result in damage or risk of injury. For example, you garage door could not close fully, creating access to wild animals and intruders from the outside, or your opener could also be defective and continuously run without purpose. In this blog post, see the few problems you may run into and what to do to fix them.
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Is Your Garage Door Frozen Shut?

It’s -30 ºC outside, it’s been snowing nonstop for 6 hours, and you’re sitting on your couch in your warm house. How badly do you not want to get up and shovel? Pretty badly, right? We get it, during winter we start moving a little slower and it becomes much more difficult to find the motivation to get up and go outside.
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Give your garage door a makeover!

Your garage door plays an important role in the curb appeal of your home. This is why, if your garage door is old and damaged, you need to consider giving it a facelift! We the help professionals here at Bevins’ Door LLC, we came up with 9 valuable reasons why you should give your door a makeover.
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Finding a purpose for your old garage door panels: Garage Door Ice Rink

When you invest in a new garage door and go through the whole process of purchasing it, choosing the right colors and models, and through the installation process, you forget all about having to get rid of your old door. Some may think getting rid of old garage door panels can be as easy as just throwing them in the dumpster, but you may be surprised to know that it can cost you up to 500$. This cost is only applicable if your garage door was painted with lead paint, which was banned for about 5 years. So, instead of throwing the panels away and paying the costs, use your imagination and think of a cool project.
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Man Cave Garage Ideas to feed your imagination

Every man has one or dreams of having one, their own man cave! If you don’t have any spare rooms or basement you can use, consider using your garage! Your garage is usually a place to park your cars, but you can also improvise and change its purpose completely. Isolated and warm, you’ll find that your garage can be the perfect place for your man cave.

We have found images of the coolest, most fantasy worthy man cave garages we could find. All of which can attract anyone, from sport lovers, beer drinker, movie fanatics, or golf players. Take a look and let yourself dream a little. You have the space and you have the desire, now all you need is permission from your wife, which could be a little more difficult to acquire…
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Turning your dusty garage into an amazing playroom

Sure, a garage is a place meant to park your vehicles, but why not change that and create a space of your own. One employee working at Garaga chose to create a special place for her kids, and this place is in no other than her garage. She was lucky enough to have two garages and therefore decided to designate one as a place to park their cars and another as their children’s playroom.

We’ve asked her a few questions to find out how she managed to do such a great job at the transformation. Hopefully you can get some ideas out of it!
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Garage Door: Make a Wise Choice

Whether you’re building a house from scratch or proceeding with renovations, it’s statistically proven that we usually only buy one garage door throughout our live, let’s say a maximum of three. This is why consumers look immediately for reliability, durability, style and proper insulation when buying a garage door. When it comes time to make the purchase, what are the components of the door that consumers should evaluate and analyze to make an informed choice?
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Clever and Practical Garage Ceiling Storage Ideas to Declutter your Garage

Are you running out of space in your garage for your household items? One thing you can do and might not have considered yet is to take advantage of the empty ceiling space above your parked vehicles. You have multiple choices to choose from when it comes to adding an overhead garage storage system of your own and lots to take into consideration. You need to pick a system that will answer your specific needs and will be the most practical for your family.
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Turn your garage into a party room in just minutes!

Are you in charge of hosting a party but are running out of space in your home? From work get-togethers, to your children’s birthday party, to Superbowl parties to baby showers, your garage is the solution to your worries! Of course, we understand your doubts. When most people think of a garage, they usually think of a dusty room used to store boxes and stinky sports equipment. Our job is to show you the possibilities and prove to you that you can, most definitely, host a great party in your garage!
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